Recovering Shopaholic

11:11 PM

Little back story - just going to be completely honest. We shot this look when I was still a shopaholic so I look at this and yes, I still like this look but I hate that I have not since we shot this worn this green shirt or the leopard shoes. What was I thinking?! I know what I was thinking Shopbop was having a sale. 
Let's just say that moving really changed my perspective and how I shop and dress. To be completely honest, I don't think this outfit is completely me. It's nice to look back at this and know I am recovering from being a shopaholic and moving toward curating a closet that is reasonable and fits who I really am. 
In the mean time, I am currently selling a lot of my closest on Poshmark! 

I also wanted to be honest and apologize. I am sincerely sorry if my one true love has not been crystal clear on this blog. If you ever thought I loved anything more than Jesus - I am so sorry because that is not the message I am trying to send. Over the past few weeks, God has poured out immense love on me through so many different forms and the only way I can respond is by loving others and telling others about His love because I would hate for anyone to not be able to experience saving GRACE. During that time, someone helped me pay attention to how I was devoting my time, energy, and money to this blog. Let me be very honest, the images I share have been taken by a professional photographer and I planned the outfit and location. I only post the images I like. When I do this it's almost like the truth is somewhat distorted. Social media is just pictures - it's not reality. I think I am much shorter than I appear in pictures! I don't want my message to be misunderstood. I don't want someone to get the wrong impression that I love these clothes or shopping or worldly possessions (yes, including my Birkin 😛😦) more or even equal to my love for Jesus. 
With that in mind, if for any reason, what I own or am doing or anything cause you to covet them before Christ, then please pray and consider unfollowing me until a later time. I pray this post would be a loving reminder of Christ's love for you. 

Love, Ana 

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