Denim Jackets

10:57 PM

I know that Spring is almost here. My allergies are constantly reminding me. I am trying to hold on to Winter - well Texas winter as long as possible. This is an oversized denim jacket. I have two others but this one is by far the most warm. 

I bought the other one at a thrift store but I gave it away because it was too heavy - seen here. It also had signs that it was heavily starched. The other one I have has the coolest embroidery. I wore it here. 
The day I wore this oversized jacket was perfect because it was rainy and cold in San Francisco. 

Denim jackets are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring. Depending on which one you wear - they keep you warm enough but not too hot. I linked some below!

 Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Until the next adventure!

Love, Ana 

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