16. The Taj Mahal

7:02 AM

I cannot believe this girl right here got to visit the Taj Mahal!!
I remember first learning about the Taj Mahal in 6th grade (16 years ago) and thinking it was absolutely beautiful. I told myself I would see it in person one day. Visiting the Taj Mahal has always, always been on my bucket list. Like always. When I was there, I realized how lucky I was to be there because I'm not going to lie, it has not been one of the most accessible wonders of the world. 

Come back and I will give you some tips for your visit. We were on a struggle bus to get here. When we faced obstacles, I thought to myself, for the love of the Taj. 

The photos in this post were taken by a certified photographer. Our tour guide assured us he was trustworthy and we were able to get prints and a CD with all of the photos. 

This is my fourth Man-made Wonder of the World!

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