Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

11:58 AM

Happy Saturday!

It's almost Valentine's Day - have you gotten your special lady a gift yet? I have a gift guide so you can get something that your lady will LOOOVE. The first part is for the people wanting to buy the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Ladies send this to your boo thang!!! A lot of times guys don't know what to buy. Help him out. 
123 / 4 /  5 /  6 /  7 / 89 / 10

I have a few jewelry pieces that are classic yet beautiful and timeless. One of the pieces is a Kendra Scott bracelet  (#6) that comes in different colors. Trust me a little yellow bag is will brighten up her day. If you want something elegant, there are some beautiful earrings (#5). A simple love necklace is also below (#4). Jewelry makes perfect gifts because ladies can wear them all the time with lots of different outfits and they can be a physical reminder of the love you have for each other.  It's also a little more appropriate when you two haven't known each other for very long. 

Let's get to the things she would be floored if you got her. Look at these bags!!!! Trust me fellas - she will love you forever if you got her one or all of these bags. If you want a timeless beauty for your beauty, get her the pink Gucci Marmont bag (#9). This bag comes in different colors and sells out quickly so buy it now! It's roomy and can be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody. Trust me, your girl will absolutely love this gift. If you aren't ready for Gucci yet, this Louis Vuitton speedy (#7) is the ideal bag to start a high end bag collection. It's a timeless piece and comes in different styles. Your lady will be bragging and bragging to all of her friends about this gift for like the rest of your lives. If you are looking to save money but also really make a good impression, this Tory Burch crossbody (#3) is perfect. 

Now, it's lets say you want to set the mood for a good night with your wife. Gifts #1, #2, and #10 will do just that. Some beautiful perfume and some lingerie. Thank me later - no actually don't. LOL. My husband got me the Chanel perfume (#10) last year for my birthday. Trust me the best things money can buy come in a little black bag with a tweed white rose. 

Lastly, this pink fur coat (#8) is perfect gift that your lady can wear for a fun night out. It's a classic piece she can dress up or dress down like I did below. I also have a more affordable option here

Happy Valentine's Day! 
And let's be honest, while everything in this gift guide is amazing - money can't buy love. And it REALLY can't buy a respectful, responsible, and mature man who brings flowers and cleans the house on Valentine's Day. 


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