These are my CONFESSIONS

8:09 AM

Hi, everyone!

I know I’ve been a little absent from social media and I want to tell you about where I’ve been! I appreciate all of the messages of concern and encouragement!

Ok so, at the end of last year 2017 – I started reflecting and noticed that I had been spending my time, energy, and money on things that were not fulfilling myself or my long-term goals. I set goals for 2018 and I spent the first month of this year trying to refine and build better habits. My theme for this year is to be WISE and DECLUTTER.

One of the habits I am trying to edify is my relationship with God. I pray daily but I want to read, grow, mediate, and learn from the word of God everyday. God has already done amazing things in this last month that I spent time in the word. I don’t want to be a lukewarm Christian. I want to be hungry for the word and be fruitful. 

Another aspect that I focused on this little month hiatus was my relationship with my husband. We work opposite schedules so it is hard to spend time together. We have opposite vacation periods. He is very, very busy from a full time job, photographer, finishing and starting a new degree, mentoring others, and freelancing. We have been very intentional this last month to spend time together, show each other Christ like love, and spend time in the word together.

We are in the process of moving from one suburb outside of Fort Worth to another. For this reason, I have been decluttering and Y’ALL I HAVE A LOT OF CRAP. Why do I have two snow boots when I live in Texas? Why do I have six denim jackets? Why do I have 478 pairs of jeans? Why do I have 37 blazers? Why do I have three pink blazers? Decluttering and trying to sell excess has been very time consuming. I promise myself not to buy this much ever again. 

As I declutter, it has helped me realize that I need to think very, very carefully before I purchase anything ever again. It also made me wonder if I had a shopping addiction. I would browse online shops all the freakin’ time! The worst part is that I would splurge. I would say I NEED this and convince myself to buy it. The fact that I knew my card number was dangerous because I would check out in a blink of an eye. Now I consider myself a recovering shopaholic. I am 53 days sober. I do not take addictions as a joke so trust me when I say I might have been shopaholic. After I reflected, I stopped shopping almost entirely. It showed me how bad my habits were. 

As a result of decluttering the things I don’t need in my life, I hope to bring you more useful content. I don't plan on not ever buying clothes. I plan on buying better and bringing you multiple looks with the same item. The clothing and shoes I purchase will have multiple purposes. 

A couple of things I’ve learned in the past month

1.     Reading God’s word daily is vital.
2.    I might have had a shopping addiction
3.    It’s so nice to declutter
4.    I am so lucky to have my husband

Shop this look below!

I appreciate you reading these confessions. As I said at the end of 2017, I am excited for 2018 and I have some changes I hope you will love! Cheers to 2018!

Love, Ana

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