Military Jacket

9:06 PM

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

The GOOD :: This Jacket
I love this jacket from Zara. I thought it was the perfect balance of structure and sophistication. I am loving this trend. 

The BAD :: Still purging 
Little life update - We are officially moved into our new place. I am downsizing from a walk in closet and a second closest to only one closet. I purged my old closets at least 12 times only to come to find out that I STILL have too many things. 

More confessions of a shopaholic ...........
After a very stressful Monday I felt a craving to destress with some shopping. I don't think shopping is bad but when I don't have space for the things I already own - I don't need to buy anything else. I don't want shopping to be the source of my joy either.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! You can shop this look below!
The one I'm wearing is from Zara but there are some really cute ones below!

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