5 Essentials you NEED in your closet

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Happy whatever day you are reading this !!
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I am writing this as I take a break from packing. I have been packing for hours and hours. I don't even think I'm close to being done. I'm glad I'm not doing this alone - otherwise I might go crazy.

As I pack and move, I learned the importance of curating a closet. I don't need four parkas. I don't need three pairs of snow boots when I live in Texas. I don't need 578 pairs of jeans. I want to keep what I actually enjoy wearing and what I love. I don't want a closet that is overcrowded - anymore. Here are five essentials that add value to your closet.

1. Black turtleneck
I love this one from Zara. It has pearl details on the sleeves. It can be dressed up in so many ways. I love that.
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2. Grey coat
Even for someone who's favorite color is black, a grey coat adds contrast but doesn't overshadow your outfit. It's also perfect as you transition from fall and transition into spring.
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3. White sneakers
Comfortable and chic. I love these Adidas with the navy detail on the heel. I was on the wait list for these pair for like three months in 2016!
I love love white sneakers! Shop some of my favorite here!

4. Black Crossbody
This is perfect to finish your outfit with something that you don't have to hold. That's so nice when you travel. I took my Givenchy Antigona to Chicago and completely regretted it. It has a shoulder strap and can fit a house (haha) but it's not worth the weight. 
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5. Favorite pair of sunglasses
Sunglasses aren't just for spring and summer. Running late or have terrible allergies or bags under your eyes? Wear sunglasses. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!!! I hope the next time I see you - we have completely moved out! I'm wearing my snow boots right now because they are the only closed toe shoes I have at our new place. 😂

Love, Ana

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