A Weekend in San Francisco

11:23 PM

Two weekends ago, Alex and I went to our favorite city – San Francisco. We love visiting and we try to go each year. We were there for a very short getaway. Since we have been there already more than three times – we have done most of the tourist things more than once. Now we just go to eat LOL. Just kidding – well kinda. It’s hard to explain but we just love it there.

We flew in to SFO which is one of the two airports in the Bay area. It’s only my second time flying into SFO and I think I now prefer it to Oakland. It is much much closer and more modern. We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake in Union Square. It was our first time staying there. I chose this hotel because its location and the style of the hotel. It has this old, English but very polish feel. A post is coming! 
We went straight to Chinatown to eat at one of our favorite restaurants – Snow Garden. We go to Snow Garden every time we are in the city and we really love it there. It’s a hole in the wall restaurant with authentic and delicious Chinese food. It’s cash only. Chinatown is the best place for the common souvenirs like keychains, shot glasses, post cards, etc.  

Afterwards, we our room was ready and we settled in. After that we were disappointed to find out that it was going to rain on the day we chose for blog shoots so we got things ready and did the shoots that same day.

After wrapping up a few shoots, we called one of our good friends who lives in the Bay area to see if he could hang out so we met up with him for a second lunch of the day. Haha. Who’s keeping count? We ate at Gotts inside the Ferry building. Honestly – I do not recommend it. LOL - just being honest. The burger lacked flavor and the ketchup tasted like marinara sauce. It was good to catch up with our friend  so who cares that our burgers sucked?!

We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants ever – Tropisueno. It’s Mexican food and their tacos al pastor are to fly to San Francisco for. I’m so serious. I have never had better tacos al Pastor than the tacos I had there. Everyone has their happy place well this is mine.
Afterwards and almost completely unplanned we met up with some friends to go to Starlight the club at the top of our hotel. We had so much fun. Starlight is 21 stories up with amazing views of the city. It has this Great Gatsby feel. There isn’t an entrance fee if you’re staying at the hotel, otherwise there is a $15 fee which isn’t bad for a club in the city. We danced, we laughed, we enjoyed cocktails, and we had a great time. Spontaneous nights are the best.
After a few hours of sleep – we woke up to got our things ready, got breakfast, and picked up our rental car. This is the first time Alex and I drove in San Francisco. I was so so nervous to drive through the steep hills - I'm glad I was with my travel buddy.

I booked a convertible to drive around using Get Around. It’s a fast and easy app that allows you to rent cars for a few hours or days. It’s affordable and flexible. We had the top down and it was incredible seeing some of our favorite sights. It was going great and then it started raining. Boooo. Rain or no rain – we still had a good time. I absolutely loved having a car in the city. We drove up to the Marin Headlands, the Painted Ladies, Golden Gate bridge, and Russian Hill.

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For lunch, we went to this hole in the wall- the Golden Boy Pizza. It was amazing. Such good vibes for a pizza place. We loved it. We ate gelato afterwards. So yeah – we did go to San Fran just to eat. LOL.

We did some shopping around Union Square which has the most amazing stores. Don’t tell my husband but that’s why I booked our hotel near Union Square. {insert evil laugh} Union Square is decorated for Christmas and it’s so cute!

I found the most AHHHHMAZING store ever – the Real Real. It’s a high end consignment store with an incredible inventory of jewelry, bags, clothes, shoes, bags, watches, luggage, bags, and bags. It’s insane.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda obsessed with luxury handbags. And let me tell you honey – this store was a playground. It has handbags around the shop that you can try on. I love consignment shops so much because they have such unique things that you cannot find in stores. For example, I found this gorgeous aquamarine small boy Chanel bag. I don’t know which collection it’s from but I know it’s not part of the Winter 2017 collection which means I won’t find it in a Chanel boutique. This pop up shop was amazing because they aren’t like other shops that have their handbags behind the counter or glass cabinets. It was so cute to see my husband also excited and he was like look at this Celine nano - it’s in yellow.  I love how he gets my unhealthy obsession and doesn’t judge me.
Look at this amazing tweed Chanel jacket. I so need this for my Chanel collection. 

Afterwards we relaxed at our hotel before heading back to the airport. I must say – the margarita on the rocks with salt is insanely delicious. Oooo weeee. I’m ready to go back.
Thank you so much for coming to my blog!

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