Two Thousand Seventeen

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It feels like 2017 happened in .02 seconds. For me, it started with one of the worst 12 hours possible. Honestly, I had some amazing moments, some that broke my heart, some relaxing, and some that changed my life forever. I am going to take a stroll through memory lane.
I welcomed 2017 in Galveston waiting to go on a cruise. Right before midnight, I realized that we forgot our passports at home and we were 5 hours away and the cruise left in 15 hours. It was incredibly stressful to find a way back home to get our passports and come back before the cruise left. It was worth it in the end because I had so much fun on the cruise and the different islands and made priceless memories with my family. You can read more about the three locations here, here, and here.

In February after months of not seeing my only brother, we finally got to see him graduate Marine boot camp. It was a great trip to San Diego and Los Angeles. My entire family was there and we had a blast. I went to Los Angeles years ago and remember thinking that my parents would probably really like LA. Here’s the blog post.

In March, I realized one of my dreams to stay at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York, NY. It was the most amazing hotel experience. I absolutely loved the huge bathroom with marble details and heated floors. The customer service was impeccable. Read more about it here. 

We went to Iceland afterwards and it was an insane trip. We hiked glaciers, got to meet Icelandic horses, tried to catch the Northern lights, and walk around glacier lagoon. It's still unreal to me that we actually got to visit Iceland. My favorite was the Blue Lagoon. We saved it for the last day. I wish we could have been there the whole day because it was so amazing, relaxing, and good for my skin. Here's the Iceland post

April was by far the worst month ever. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make it out alive. It was also a time to seek the Lord for comfort and guidance. In the course of one day, I got three life changing disappointing news. I shared a little bit of what I was going through here. It was a tough time. I couldn’t make it the entire day without crying that I would have to escape during my lunch to cry in my car alone. I know that God knew that it wasn’t a pain I could bear alone so he sent me his church. I am so thankful I could bear my worries, pain, and thoughts on someone else.

Things started getting in May and June. I will be forever grateful for my church family who listened to me. At that point, there was nothing anyone could really do but listen. I tried to make the best of each situation but honestly, I had so much resentment in my heart that I couldn’t always.
I prayed, cried, prayed, cried, and prayed. I heard God’s voice and obeyed. He told me to forgive and I forgave. You might be wondering if this is possible but it IS possible through Christ. Christ forgave me and died for my sins, how could I not forgive what someone else did to me? The resentment I was holding was too much to bear.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to really talk to anyone about what happened. Everyone situation is different and everyone is different. I can only share what God did for me at this point. If he calls me to share my story then I will. Why post this, then? Maybe someone else is going through the same thing. Know you're not alone. Know that people do care about what you're going through. 

I didn’t even share what was happening with my own blood family. We did take a family roadtrip to North Carolina to see my brother and from there we went to Savannah. We had the best time in Savannah. We ate until we couldn’t and laughed until we were all in tears. I can’t share to much because we vowed to keep it a secret HAHA. What happens in Savannah stays in Savannah. Read more about our trip to Savannah.
In July I set my mind on going to Peru. I rearranged my budget and booked the trip without telling anyone. I didn’t want anyone to try to convince me not to go alone.  I left at the end of July and it was one of the best, scariest, and most beautiful experiences of my life. It’s definitely one of the highlights of 2017. First Solo Trip Post

In August, I started at a new school and I loved it. I did miss all of my friends at my old school but it was fun to start a new adventure.

I had the worst allergies in September which is typical for me. For my birthday, we went to the best resort in Cancun ever. It was perfect. I want to go back. It was so relaxing. When we got back from Cancun, my husband and I tried to enjoy our companies and Dallas as much as we could. I also adjusted to the changes at my new location.

In November Alex was completing his last course requirements and figuring out what he was going to do after graduated. A few weeks later, he was promoted. The most hectic and busy part of the year was about to begin for him to the point that he would not have any weekends off for the next two months. We booked a small getaway to San Francisco. It was so great to be back in our favorite city.

December was so much fun. I don’t want my travel to be the single measure of how happy or grateful I am. I have a planner were I keep memories. I don’t want my vacations to be something I use to escape my regular life from. I hope that make sense. In December I tried to make as many memories as possible. When we got back from San Francisco, I took my family out to this amazing movie theatre with incredibly comfortable spacious leather recliners. We watched Coco and we all loved it so much. Asher also had fun vlogging that weekend. He is too precious. The next weekend my sister and I went to Chicago for a small girls getaway. We had so much fun in the windy city. We were so cold but had too many laughs. The next weekend, Alex graduated and we a party to celebrate his accomplishment. The next weekend, we picked up my brother at the airport who came for Christmas. My whole family was reunited for Christmas eve just like good ol times. It’s funny the things we want are things we used to find so boring back in the day.

I am so grateful for everything that happened this year. Through the joy and pain, I remember that there is someone who loves me unconditionally and perfectly. I am comforted knowing that God in his perfect wisdom has allowed this to happen. That gives me peace. For some reason, this is what God has allowed. In those moments of joy and pain, I continue to worship and rejoice in Him.

It’s been amazing to see Asher grow up but he will always be our baby. He is becoming so independent and his little personality is in full bloom. He cracks me up and drives me crazy sometimes in the best way. He is so silly and innocent. We all adore him.
I'm really excited for 2018. I made some bad decisions this year. I didn't take advantage of a lot of opportunities but I want to change that in this coming year. I was scared to go after some endeavors but I hope to not repeat that mistake again. I also want to read more in 2018. I want to see more of this beautiful world. I want to be proud of myself at the end of 2018.
With that being said, expect to see some changes here on this blog. I know I took some time off toward the end to do some reflection. I hope you continue to stay in touch through this blog.

How was your year? What are your goals?

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