What I'm wearing for Thanksgiving

10:05 AM

Only three days left! I'm not gonna lie- I'm excited for Thanksgiving because afterwards - the countdown to Christmas begins.

The weather actually feels somewhat I like fall in Fort Worth. For Thanksgiving, I wanted to wear something that was warm and comfortable. This maroon sweater is a very low cut v-neck so instead of wearing a tank top underneath like I used to - I wore a turtleneck. I love this white and black turtleneck. Since the sweater is long I wore my favorite pair of leggings from Hudson. I absolutely love this cabbie hat! 

To purchase a similar look ::

My brother is currently serving in Camp Peddleton so he won't be able to come for Thanksgiving. I am gonna miss him. Regardless, I am grateful for his service so I can worship freely in this country. 
There are so many reasons to be grateful. Just to name a few ::

1. My Lord and savior
2. Freedom
3. Asher
4. My family
5. The job I love
6. My church

Thank you so much for visiting! I wish you the happiest of happinest Thanksgivings!

Come back this week for Christmas Gift Guides and a HUGE announcement!

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