Weekend Recap :: Nov 4

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I'll explain this picture in just a little bit. LOL
Expectation v Reality

On Friday, it was my husband’s birthday so we went to dinner with friends and family. It was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who came out and made him feel special! Afterwards, we went to a popular club hopping area in Fort Worth – 7th Street. If you know my husband, he loves to have a good time and to dance.

After I slept in, I went to do the In Body Testing with Camp Gladiator. I wasn’t very impressed with my results. I have some work to do. I did lose my extra fluff with Camp Gladiator. I am really happy about that but I am excited to use the information from the In Body Testing to lose body fat and gain muscle. The machine they use is the same one NASA uses to measure body fat and muscle mass with incredible accuracy.

I spent my Saturday morning being lazy, working on a few projects, eating brunch, and stress free. Saturday was also the day of my God daughter’s party. The theme was Harry Potter and I thought they were dressing up so Alex and I bought Harry Potter costumes. We thought my God daughter was going to be Harry Potter and her mom Hermoine so Alex wanted to go as a Death Eater’s costume and I ordered the Ron costume. Unfortunately, Alex’s costume didn’t get here on time. I had to run to Party City and look for something.

 I thought my God son was gonna dress up as Dobby. I thought the kids were gonna love our costumes. When we showed up to the party, we were the only ones dressed up! Haha. That’s ok because we had so much fun. Eventually we had all the costumes and we took turns being Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and a Dementor. I think I had more fun than the kids.
The cutest Harry Potter!
Best of buds.

On Sunday, we went to church and then to my parents’ house. Everyone has their happy spot where they can relax. Alex and I love All-Inclusives. My parents love the beach. Others love going to the bar. Asher loves going to my parents’ house. It’s like an all-inclusive with unlimited food, access to iPods, the best leather recliners, and lots of love.
Unfortunately, I had the worst headache that lasted hours. It sucked. I took medicine, tried napping it off, and even eating a snack. Nothing helped. We spent our Sunday afternoon having a Harry Potter Marathon at home.

I’m linking some things I currently have in my shopping cart and the items from my haul on Insta Stories!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
For all of you who asked, we are completed booked through all of 2018. 😂😜
My god children's mother joked that she hired us to be live performers at the party.

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