Overjoyed with OTK

6:10 PM

I don't think it needs to be announced but Fall is HERE. It is the best time to update your closet and you need some over the knee (OTK) boots! I love my OTK boots from Steve Madden which are linked below! They are wide enough for my big calves and they stay up! There is a small heel and an almond toe. I love with jeans and skirts. 

My Free People top is on sale at Nordstrom!! It's under $50 and ahhhhhmazing! It's so soft and can be worn so many different ways! It's a batwing style and oversized so I would size down. I love it so much. I'm wearing my Le Specs aviators again. I have worn these so much. Haha. They are under $100 so it's guilt free. At this point, the price per wear is like pennies. 

I have my simple but so classic Forever 21 satchel. Before I invest in a designer bag, I test it out with a similar bag to see how many times I wear it, how I like it, and if it fits my lifestyle. Well I'm glad I did because it made me realize that I don't need the designer version of this. Haha. Now, if I get it as a  gift - well that's a different story. 😜😜

You could not take these jeans off of me even if you lured me with Rosa's. They are so comfortable! They looked so small when they came in the mail. I was like these are not gonna fit but they did! They are stretchy and so cute with the tears and pearls. I adore them. As the icing on the cake - they are under $50!

I hope this week has gone well for you! I have slept early for the past three days! I am actually proud of myself. I guess I took tonight off though. 😜😜 [it's almost 2 AM]

Sweet dreams!
Much love, Ana

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