Fall Shopping Checklist

6:27 PM

Here's what you need this fall! The things on this list are things you might not already have in your closet but you should have! 
Photos :: Never Lost Photography

1. White ankle boots
I love my pair of white ankle boots because the are so different and fun to wear especially in fall/winter.

2. Plaid skirt
Yes, please! Preferably not the school girl kind.

3. Pearl jeans
I love my 1822 jeans with pearls. 

4. Blouse with pearls 
I love the one I'm wearing because the pearls are subtle but definitely present.

5. Blazer dress
I wore a red blazer that I made into a dress but I also linked some below.

6. Leopard clutch
This goes with like everything. 

7. Black satchel 
I recently added the Givenchy Antigona to my collection but I am LOVING a few others. 

8. Favorite pair of sunglasses
I mainly stick to three pairs.

10. Long Blazer 
This is perfect for over turtlenecks, dresses, sleeveless shirts. 

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