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6:35 PM

Hi! And welcome to a new post! I have to tell you what I'm slightly obsessed with right now!

1- Cabbie hats
I am currently obsessed with these cabbie hats! The one I'm wearing is under $15! I've seen them called baker hats, too. I love how they look kinda vintage. It reminds me of the one Selena Quintanilla wore. Anything for Selenas - right?!

You can shop a few here!

2. Justice League
Listen - I have never been into comic books or superhero shows but right now I'm all over the Justice League. I love how the super heroes and their stories are related. I watched the Justice League this weekend with my husband and our God son in the best recliners. How have I not been to a movie theatre with recliners?!! I thought this only happened at my parents' house. 

I love how the three characters are united to save the world. I love Wonder Woman and how she has a huge heart. She's beautiful, strong, courageous, determined, and sophisticated. I love how Batman fights among these people who have special abilities when honestly he really doesn't. I love the human version of Superman - Clark Kent because he is so meek. He can rush anyone that is rude to him but he doesn't. 

I hope this post finds you well and excited for the holidays right around the corner! I will have the Christmas gift guides up tomorrow! Come back and check them out!

Love, Ana

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