Blazer Dress Trend

5:19 PM

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I was thrifting when I saw this blazer and fell in love this color so I tried it on. Since I'm 5 nothing, it fit me pretty long and I thought "awwww". I looked down at the length and something clicked - I could wear this as a dress!!! Thrifting win! From there I looked for other blazers that I could wear as a dress. 

This dress is a plunge v-neck so I wore something underneath it. Since the dress is red I didn't want the color underneath to overpower the look especially with the black belt. I wanted to keep this look as monochromatic as possible so I chose a nude turtleneck. I bought this a year ago but never actually wore it! I'm so glad I bought it though. I love how classic pieces are so versatile and never go out of style. I linked a few options below!

Thanks for spending the first day of the month with me!

Much Love,

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