14. Chichen Itza

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I made this dream come true more than a month ago but well whatever. Haha. Dreams don't expire!
We went to Cancun for my birthday. I went to one of the World Wonders last summer and I really wan to visit them all ones day. Read about it here.

I want to go to as many World Wonders as possible so I chose Cancun for to celebrate my birthday. All-inclusive food + drinks + beach + one of the world wonders >>>>
Can it get any better?

I will do a full guide Chichen Itza in a few posts. Chichen Itza is one of the newest additions to the list of the World Wonders which makes it a very popular destination.

We booked our tour with Amigo tours. We loved the reasonable price and the time of the tour even more. I read somewhere that it gets packed with huge crowds and buses and buses of tourists. The tour was extremely early. We got picked up at 4 AM from our hotel. From there we drove to pick up some of the other guests. We were on a 10 passenger van and from there we were transferred to a charter bus. We arrived at Chichen Itza around 8 AM. The weather was ideal. The sun was shinning in full glory.

We had a Chichen Itza tour guide as part of our tour. He was Mayan which was incredible to me. Much of the Mayan cultures and traditions have been preserved unlike the Aztec cultures. How amazing is that? Our tour guide was really informative. He explained the Castillo – the famous calendar pyramid at the center of Chichen Itza. He explained why it was built there and the significance behind the number of the steps. I remember learning about it in school and it was even more incredible in person. The tour guide also explained why Mayans can’t read the ancient language.
We got to see where the Mayans played their famous ball game. It was surreal to stand where the best of the best played such a hard game. He also explained why the Mayans self-sacrificed the winners of the ball game. They believed in reincarnation and thought they would be reincarnated as something higher.

I absolutely loved the tour. Alex and I did leave toward the end to explore the ruins on our own and take some pictures. Haha. Maybe we will return one day for the last part of the tour.
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