Weekend Recap :: September 30

7:16 PM

Happy Monday!

Before I start, my heart is so heavy for the victims from Las Vegas. I can’t imagine the pain people are suffering. I am so so very sorry. My prayers are with you all. 
This past weekend, my husband was suppose to work and so we didn’t really plan anything until a last minute change and he was off. I was so happy to spend another weekend with my boo! We had an incredible weekend in Cancun a week ago so it was like the trip got extended. Haha.

A few weeks ago, I talked to my husband about Yayoi Kusama’s artwork and her amazing infinity rooms. As soon as my husband found out that he was off he planned a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art. We then realized that the exhibit was not open to the public until Sunday. So we became members of the DMA! Haha. With the membership, we get tickets, parking, early access, and helping an amazing cause.

On our way back from Cancun, Alex wanted to buy me a gift but I asked him to wait until we got home so I wouldn’t have to carry it through the airport. We were able to go to the Chanel boutique on Saturday so I could pick out my gift! 😍😍😍
We had some prior obligations and then we headed to dinner! It’s been weeks since I had barbeque so we went to get some good ol’ BBQ. We went to Off the Bone! For dessert, we went to I-CE-NY for ice cream made in front of you. It is smashed and rolled. 

On Sunday, we worked on some projects and had brunch at Urban Taco. I was really impressed! My favorite tacos are al Pastor. Yes, sir. 💣💣💣 We got the Pineapple express and boyyyyy let me warn you – that drink is strong. 

We took a nap as soon as we got home. Not a regular nap either – a four hour nap. Haha. I felt so sick afterwards but I had to clean up. Why it takes me a few hours to pack but a week to clean up the mess I make from packing?! 😩😂

Anyway, thank you so much for spending some of your week with me! I appreciate it and hope to see you in the next post! 
Much love,

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