Weekend Recap :: October 28

8:51 PM

Happy Monday, lovelies!
This past weekend we had so much fun. On Saturday, we spent time together, cleaning up, and enjoying each other's company. 

I did some errands and shopping of course 🙈🙈. I had Ash with me so I had to hurry. He did not have the patience to wait for me to try things on - so let's hope they fit. Man, he knows how to rush someone. I forgot how much I like the Galleria until we got there and I wanted to go to like 10 stores but Ash wanted to leave after the first one. I'm so thankful for online shopping. At Zara, I took pictures of what I liked so I could buy them online and try them on at home. 
I wore an oversized black hoodie because it was nice and chilly. I love this weather! BTW I linked a really cute hoodie below!
 I think these shoes are cute so I took a pic and Ash wanted to be in the pic I guess lol
I also linked these shoes also! 
Afterwards, we went to a quince with my parents. It was so pretty and extravagant. It was so cute to have Ash dance with us. I think he liked it 😉

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed to the Dallas Arboretum. We haven't gone since our wedding! That was like 2 years ago! 
This year was one of my favorites. The theme was Wizard of Oz with a yellow brick road, lion, tin man, scarecrow. I definitely recommend it! 

Afterwards we ate lunch because we were tired and hungry!

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