Weekend Recap :: October 14

7:24 PM

This Saturday we woke up early. My husband made me breakfast tacos while I watched my new obsession - Sex in the City. I love that show! I tried watching it a few years ago but couldn't really get into it. Now I think it's hilarious. We headed out to work on a few projects.

Afterwards, I went to one of my very good friends' baby shower. I am so happy for her and her husband. I know that they are going to make amazing parents. I'm so excited for their family and I can't wait to meet their little boy.

Later that night we went to my friend's venue for their Grand Opening. Congratulations to him! I will post more pictures after the renovations.

On Sunday, we went to church, enjoyed donuts, and brunch at home. We worked on a few more projects and ate dinner in Dallas before going back to Fort Worth. We ate at Crushcraft - a Thai restaurant in Uptown. It was delicious! We ended the weekend by watching Death Day in an almost completely empty movie theatre. Who's idea was it to watch a scary movie in an empty movie theatre??!!! Ok, it was mine. I am such a scardycat - it was not a good idea. I almost chickened out and left but then a family joined us. Ooooeee it was scary. The first half of the movie was a thriller and the second half was a comedy. Haha. 

How was your weekend?!
I absolutely love this sweater I have been wearing and I linked some you might like!

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