Weekend Recap :: Oct 7

9:01 PM

This weekend made my heart so full having my little bubs over. I love him so much. 
Photos :: Never Lost Photography 

We went shopping and I tried things on while he waited for me with my mom very impatiently patiently. Three jeans, two shirts, and a dress later - I walked out of the dressing room. I ran up to my little love and I said, "I missed you so much!" It surprised him and he said you were only gone for a little bit. I gave him a hug and said that I still missed him. 

He probably has no idea how much I miss him when he doesn't come over.  😭😭😭

On Saturday night, we went to Blue Sushi to celebrate my friend's birthday. It was our first time at Blue Sushi and we loved it! I highly recommend the pork dumplings. 

This look is my go to outfit. I love this top from ASOS. I have worn it many, many times. I love this midi length cardigan. It's light and breezy. 

Outfit details ::

Shirt :: ASOS

Shorts :: Agolde

Shoes :: Vans

Purse :: Chanel

Sunglasses :: Quay

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! 

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