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Hey, girlies!!
I have tried for some months now to downsize my closet. Let me tell you, it has been a STRUUUUGLE.  🙈🙈 I get rid of things and then replace them. 
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I am really working hard on buying better instead of buying more. I am trying to be really careful on buying things I will wear a lot of instead of things that I just really like at one point in time. I am terrible when it comes to impulse buying. I keep asking myself, do you really see yourself wearing this? Does this add value to your closet? Do you already have something to wear this with? Does this really represent your style?

I have two closets for clothes and shoes. And they aren't the small closets either. One of the closets could be a guest room. Haha. I joked about that when we first got our place. My goal is to only have one closet with things I love. In order to downsize my closet, I started my resale shop. I think it would be amazing to own a resale shop one day with vintage luxury handbags. I would love to curate a shop with classic vintage bags and accessories and unique items as well. This resale shop is the beginning of my aspiring dream. 

Unfortunately and to your benefit (I hope) this dress was an impulsive buy. I will post it on my resale Instagram shop for you to purchase. The dress is from Beehive Boutique and a size large. I am also selling my shoes on my shop! They are amazing but honestly, I have only worn them a handful of times since January.  When I first bought them I couldn't make up my mind between the slip on fur mules and these ballet flats. I chose these shoes but I think I now regret that decision. They are a size 36.5 and I kept the shoes in really good almost new condition. 

You can see everything I have on sale on Instagram @the30to30shop and my Facebook page opening on Friday! 

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