Fanny Pack Trend

7:55 PM

Fanny packs, waist bags, belt bags oh my!

I am loving these fanny packs!
Photos :: Never Lost Photography

The first time I got a fanny pack three years ago and I was going to wear it in Barcelona, my friend literately said, as your friend, I cannot let you wear that out. 😮😮

I didn't wear it and I honestly don't know where it's at either. I really can't blame my friend - I didn't know how to wear it. Plus it was a backpack material and red, white, and blue. Maybe she was a hero for not letting me wear it. Ha! Not all heroes wear capes.

Fast forward to now when the fanny packs are so chic because they come in different colors, patterns, and materials. I love this black leather waist bag from Free People. Plus it's so useful. You can shop for it below!

So tell me - do you like this style?

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