10 Things I am Loving

9:04 PM

10 Things I am Loving 
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1. Sex and the City :: This show is hilarious! I started it years ago but I just didn't get into it. 

2. Sweaters :: Cover your lonjas season is here! Haha. 
3. Vans - I got some chili on them though 😭😭 Does anyone know how to clean them? I'm so serious. 

4. Watch - I love my new Marc Jacobs black face rectangular gold watch. It's a beauty! 
5.  Jeans with pearls - I love jeans and I adore the pearls as a perfect classic touch. See how I styled them here and here

6. Denim skirts - Yes, please! I love how you can dress them up and down. I have linked a few of my favorite below!

7. Aviators :: I love these frames more than any other. These are linked below, too!

8.  Fanny packs :: These aren't the tacky ones either! See how I styled them here

9. The changing color of the leaves!

10. Coffee, coffee, coffee, and more coffee please!

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