Never say Never

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Hi, everyone!
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I have been debating whether to post this or not. There are so many other things happening in Texas right now that I do not want to act like thousands of thousands of people right now have lost everything in Southeast Texas. I don’t want to come off as insensitive either.

I thought I could share some ways you can help the people in need right now. You never know when it will be you or someone close to you that needs the help.
Consider donating to Samaritan's Purse (link)

Also, I titled this post never say never because I think that is the most applicable rule in fashion. The other day my mom and I were thrifting for a costume and we found this killer black leather fringe jacket. I was like  👀😍😍. I showed my mom and she said, “Nope. Been there done that. Those are a pain because you have to take them to the dry cleaners.” Good point, mom.
There have been countless times that I show my mom something I really like and she tells me that she already rocked it. Sometimes we are shopping and she says something like, “these are back in style?” LOL. I then ask if she had a pair and she says she did. It sometimes makes my jaw drop but I almost always ask if she kept it. She didn’t and it makes me want to keep stuff for my future daughters because fashion is always repeating itself.
There have been times I think to myself, I would never wear that. And here I am drooling over the new Gucci fanny pack. Alex actually got me this pajama top years ago for Christmas and I was like I will never wear this. Haha.  

Thank you so much for reading!!!!

Outfit details ::

Shirt :: old, similar, options , affordable

Shorts :: Beehive

Bracelet :: Celine 

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