Happy Birthday to me!

8:20 AM

If you have been following me on social media, then you might have seen that I went to Cancun to celebrate my birthday. 
Weeks before my birthday, I was so tired and sick. This year, I transitioned to a new school, new role, new administrators, new start time, new schedule, new responsibilities, new challenges, and honestly it has been overwhelming on me physically and mentally. I am not complaining though! I love my job and I really do think it's the best! I absolutely love my students and team. I am so lucky to have them in my life. However, I was drained and it made getting up in the mornings so hard. I convinced myself to take a personal self care day. Originally, I was going to sleep in but I couldn't resist a little getaway. My husband was so down. He planned it so it would be a surprise for me to enjoy. 

The night before our trip, our dog sitter canceled. It was so stressful. I had like a million errands to do before leaving the next day plus I still hadn't packed. That's when we realized that we had a miscommunication over the dates. Yikes. My husband extended our getaway with an extra day - why? To go see one of the World Wonders!!! Chichen Itza!

We had the most amazing, relaxing, wonderful stay at the Finest resort in Playa de Mujeres. It is the best resort I have ever been to my whole life. I cannot say enough good things about this resort. I'm working on a review and a guide for Chichen Itza!

Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes, hugs, cake, food, smiles, surprises, balloons, cards, presents, songs, trip, laughs, surprise birthday party, and dance party! How did I get so lucky! 

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