Birthday Wish List

3:46 PM

It's my birthday - I can shop how I want to!
My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! I wanted to write my wishlist for fun!
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I remember when I was younger, I would ask adults like my parents or grandparents or teachers what they wanted for their birthday and a lot of times they would answer, "I don't know." I always found that weird. Like how do you not know what you want? Now I realize that it's part of growing up and as adults we have our own money to spend how we please. 

1. Black face watch
I have had a hard time finding the ideal watch! However, I did find one that I really like. 

2. Jessica Buurman Shoes
There are literately so many shoes that I love from her collection. I'll take them ALL!

3. Mariachi Serenade 
Am I right, ladies?

4. Gucci Fanny Pack 
That's the face I made when I saw it. Love at first sight.

5. KKW Contour Creme Kit
I have been debating this decision since they came out. Haha. It takes me a while to make those decisions when the items are non-refundable. Ohhhhh the pressure. I'm not gonna lie, I love the confidence I have buying something that I can return. It's so hassle free! My biggest concern is that the shades are based on color and there aren't based on undertones. I have major golden/yellow undertones so skin makeup with pink undertones looks so bad on me. If you have a KKW light kit, what did you think?

6. Oils
I have been meaning to start using oils for almost two months now. I REALLY want oils. I have heard so many benefits.

7. Dumbbells
Since joining Camp Gladiator, I don't really have a use for my 5 lb dumbbells anymore lol. I usually have to borrow 10, 15 or 20 lb dumbbells but I really wish I had my own. I found some at Academy!
Links  :: 10 lb and 15 lb

8. A llama!!

I'm only half joking. I don't know how Jackson would feel about having a llama. Haha.

9. Black Comfortable Pumps

As much as I love these bloody shoes, they are not suitable for work. It's just not gonna happen. I don't think Louboutins were made to be comfortable. I tried these on and wow! They were so comfortable!

Just to be clear- I don't actually expect anyone to buy these things for me but hey I won't get mad if someone does! Haha!
Honestly, I will probably buy myself gifts 😜😉

Top :: ASOS

Jeans :: Mother Denim

Shoes :: Christian Louboutin

Earrings :: Chanel

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