13. Visiting Machu Picchu

3:46 PM

got back from Machu Picchu about a month ago. It has taken me this long to edit the photos. It’s my second time editing photos alone. Let’s just say that it was a learning experience. Haha.
Anytime I told someone that I went to Peru, they would ask if I went to Machu Picchu. Yes, yes I did!

This is my first time visiting one of the Seven/eight Modern Man-made Wonders of the World!

Right before taking these pictures, I remember asking the two guys from Brazil if they were going to take a photo so I wouldn't be in their way and then one of them hands me a camera. LOL. I was like ohhhhkay and he starts posing when the other friend explains that I was not asking that. 

If one of the people working there saw me take the picture above, they would probably start getting scared and yelling, "Señorita! Señorita!" Haha. They do not allow jumping due to a recent tragic accident. 

On to the next adventure .......

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