What I Wear in RL

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What I do I wear in real life?

I think this is a frequently asked question from someone who follows me on insta or my blog. Haha. There are times I run in to people at the gym or grocery store or a restaurant or running errands or wherever and I think people are surprised to see me look differently than on my blog or Insta. So I decided to share some insight and show you a full week of what I actually wear day to day in real life.

Let me back up, just a minute.

In order to get blog ready, it can take anywhere between a full day to two weeks. Why does it take me so long? It starts when I get inspired by weather, or a location, or someone, or an occasion or a piece of clothes like shoes or earrings. From there I style a look that is very much me. I really like the creative process in my head. From there I start gathering the pieces for the look which is usually what takes the most amount of time because it can take anywhere between two days to a week to get the items. I usually buy most things online because when I shop, it’s very purposeful. I am looking for specific things and searching for them online is usually the fastest way to get the items. I love and use ASOS because of their search engine is amazing and they have two day shipping! When I finally get all the pieces for a look, I will try it on. This when I make a huge mess in my husband’s office as you might have seen on my Insta sometimes. His office has a huge floor to ceiling mirror and I make changes once I try things on. I try it on and change things up if I don’t like the way it looks. If I don’t like something, I will return it.  If I am going to use it for the blog, then it has to be something I am confident and comfortable in. I just can’t imagine taking pictures out in public, sometimes in front of other people besides my husband and not loving my look. I just can’t. From there, I get it ready, pack it, steam it. In other words, this does not happen every morning. Haha. I already have a hard time making it to work on time as it is.

So what happens to the outfits?

Since I do not have the luxury of time everyday to go through the process above, I don’t look the same. On some days, I look like I rolled out of bed. Haha. I’m just being honest.
I do not wear the outfits I have on my blog everyday. Honestly, most of those looks are meant to be worn for special occasions and are NOT work appropriate. Third, getting outfits ready for my blog is a form of expressing my creativity. They are meant to inspire me and others with outfit ideas. I absolutely wear these outfits to certain events and for special occasions but I don’t wear them everyday. The best part of these outfits is when I don’t know what to wear, I wear what I have already worn for my blog! Haha.

What do I wear everyday in Real Life?

I work M-F and to save time, two years ago I made a work closet capsule. I used pinterest to get ideas. Nothing is set in stone, I can add and change capsule pieces whenever. For each season, I take pieces of my closet and I use those pieces to make outfits. This helps me save time each morning because I already have an idea of what I want to wear. Each season is different. In the spring and summer, I have lightweight dresses, thin sweaters, etc. For fall and winter, I have scarves and dresses that I wear with boots. During the weekend, I have another closet capsule. It includes activewear lol and shorts for summer and distressed jeans for fall. I have actual work out clothes and work out clothes to lounge in. Haha. You might think I’m crazy but it’s probably the germophobe in me saying that no matter how many times or with what I wash, the sweat will not completely leave my work out clothes. I know a little crazy. For that reason, I don’t actually work out in my Lululemons. Am I the only person that does that?
I love closet capsules because it saves time, keeps me organized, and it works for me. Below you’ll see what I actually wear in real life. I just want to be transparent and real.

Monday :: Work
This is a super old shirt. Everytime, I ask my sister to help me clean out my closet, she suggests I throw it out, but I like it! I love the slacks from JcPenney! They have them in petite which is perfect for me because I don’t have to get them hemmed. They are also pressed (no sure if that’s the right word) which gives them a crease. I am wearing my trusty Chanel ballet flats - also seen here.

Tuesday :: Neutrals
I like how easy it is to style this top and these pants with my work closet capsule. 

Wednesday ::
This is one of my favorite shirts. I bought it at CottonOn a few years ago.
Also seen here

Thursday :: I forgot to take a picture

Friday :: Travel Outfit
No sure what I was thinking haha. I love these comfortable Adidas track pants though!
Also seen here.

Saturday :: First day in Cusco
I’m wearing one of my favorite trench coats, classic V-neck, embroidery denim – also seen here, and my espadrilles – also seen here.

Sunday :: Second day in Cusco
I’m wearing a white ruffle top, ripped jeans, pink shoes – also seen here, and a scarf I bought in Peru!

Let me know if you want to see more of these types of posts.

Much love, Ana

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