Weekend Recap :: August 5

4:03 PM

This weekend was so much fun!
I got back from Peru on Thursday. All I wanted to was rest, unpack, see my family and give them their souvenirs.  On Friday, I tried being really productive because Saturday was a very lazy stay at home kind of day with Ash and Alex. We ended the day with pizza and movie night. We watched Boss Baby. It’s such a cute movie. Well, Ash and I fell asleep during it because we both have seen it. Then we watched Belko Experiment and it was so disappointing. It didn’t have a strong storyline or well written characters that we as the audience love.

On Sunday, we celebrated my sister’s birthday. I am the oldest and she is the second oldest. I am closer to her in age than any of my other siblings. She was my first sister, my first best friend, and my first inspiration. Whenever I got frustrated or wanted to give up, I knew I couldn’t because I was trying to set a good example for her. We went to Pluckers which is not really my thing but I love her and it’s her birthday. Afterwards, we went to Main Event.
Look at this major throwback from when we lived in Kansas City, MO. Kenny wasn't even born yet!
Just three girls with their mama basking in the glory that was the nineties.

When I was in Peru, my husband told me that two of my favorite bands were going to be performing in town. I told him, I hope you’re telling me this because you want to take me. He said, duh. My family is from the Durango and Zacatecas area of Mexico so Duranguense music was really popular when I was in high school. Duranguense is probably the only kind of music I can actually dance to. Haha.
When I started dating Alex, I showed him some songs and he wasn’t interested until he heard “Solo Los Tontos” by Alacranes and he was hooked. This was our favorite (and maybe only) kind of music we loved to dance to when we first started dating. I know Duranguense music has in a way faded out and people think of it as super chunti but this was the music my then boyfriend now husband danced to when we were falling in love with each other so it’s really special to me. I didn’t even know that Montez de Durango and Alacranes still did concerts so when I saw the flyer, I was beyond excited. If I could redo our wedding reception, I would have loved having Alacranes perform. Nine years later, married, there we were dancing to the music from the time we were falling in love with each other.

Have you noticed that I usually don’t post romantic or sweet posts of my husband? Have you noticed that he doesn’t either? Haha. It’s because we noticed that they are bad luck. This is probably the only superstition I believe in. It never fails that after we post something sweet on social media, we end up hurting each other feelings afterwards. Even when I think about posting something, something bad happens. I’m hoping that by sharing this, the curse ends. Haha.

 Thank you so much for reading!

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