Week 2 and 3 Updates

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Week 2 was before my trip and the first few days of my trip. I did really well eating and decent in my workouts especially considering the fact that it was the first week since my Camp Gladiator trial period ended. I worked out three times that week. This week made me realize that I really need to join Camp Gladiator because I don’t have the commitment to work out four or five times a week by myself. I procrastinate and say I'm going to work out at 7:00pm then I change it to 7:30 pm so I can finish my to do list. Then I change it to 8:00 pm because I’m not ready or it’s too hot. Then I change it to 8:30 pm which becomes 9:00 pm. Then I start thinking it’s too late to work out outside by myself. Then I reschedule my work out indoors but I realize I don’t know what to do that will keep me motivated for 30 minutes. Then I get mad at myself because it’s 11 pm and I haven’t done anything. Then I leave the house to work out but I don’t work out for the full 30 minutes because it’s late. Major fail. Even though this happened just about everyday, I still managed to work out three times. 

My first week was taking my It Works Greens, Thermofit, and Fat Fighters. For breakfast, I ate scrambled eggs and took my Thermofit. My snack were almonds and granola bars. For lunch, I ate a salad, grapes, and Thermofit. For dinner, I ate crockpot with sweet potatoes and pork with broccoli on the side. I used my Fat Fighters for the first time after I ate a very carb heavy meal. I felt so good the next day. I definitely packed my Fat Fighters for my trip!
My third week started in Aguas Calientes, Peru which is at the bottom of the Machu Picchu mountain. I ate breakfast at the hotel which included veggies, potatoes, some kind of meat, fruit, bread, and of course, coca tea. I spent most of my day at Machu Picchu which does not have somewhere to eat or use the restroom. You have to leave to get to the restaurant just outside of Machu Picchu. Therefore, for lunch I ate a protein bar and drank my Greens. It was the perfect combination because my protein bar had a good mix of carbs for energy and protein. My Greens were so helpful because they have superfoods, nutrients, veggies, and fruits to power me through the hike to Inca bridge and Machu Picchu. It Works Greens also has matcha tea to give me energy. It was the perfect combination. For dinner, I ate dinner in the town. I love trying the typical food of the area I am traveling to. A lot of the meals I ate had lots of carbs so I took my Fat Fighters afterwards.
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I felt so great during my second and third weeks because I was developing a routine. As far as results, I didn’t see any during these two weeks. In fact, during the third week, I felt discouraged but I know that giving up will not make things better. The only thing I noticed was my hair getting longer.

How cute are these Kate Spade wedges?! They have cactus on them! They are they Dallas style. Since I wanted to make them the highlight of this outfit, I wore neutrals. I like the contrast between the black flowy top and the skinny white jeans. I finished the look with my class Cult Gaia bag and a feminine pop of pink. 

Top :: ASOS

Jeans :: Forever 21 

Bag :: Cult Gaia

Earrings :: Bauble Bar

Sunglasses :: Le Specs

Shoes :: Kate Spade 

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