12. South America

5:50 PM

South America
I really really liked South America. It has a different vibe than Europe. There’s just something different. Not that one is better than the other, but I think a lot of people in my demographic lean more towards traveling to Europe. If they only knew how incredible South America is!

People are so kind. On my trip, my hotel concierge went out of his way to help me with just about everything from directions, finding me a taxi, keeping my luggage safe, the list goes on and on. I was never uncomfortable about being a solo female traveler. God put people in my path that were kind and looked out for me. The best part was that those people didn’t seem like they were providing good customer service for a tip. Look this is not my first rodeo and I know how people can do things with the expectation of a tip. In fact, when I did tip them – they seemed in a way surprised and overly grateful. People that worked in the tourism industry even thanked me for visiting their country. Talk about #allthefeels
 The pebbled streets are beautiful. The colors of artisan goods. I am ready to go back! I really want to explore more of South America. That’s the only regret I have from my solo trip to Peru. I wish I had gone to more countries in South America.

I can keep talking about how beautiful Peru is and I can show you thousands of pictures but you won’t get it until you go, so GO!

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