Weekend Recap :: July 15

8:42 PM

It has been a fun couple of weekends with family and friends. Last Friday July 8th, one of my friends got married in Fort Worth. She is such a sweet person and looked amazing on her wedding day. I am so happy for her and her husband. There were many happy tears at their wedding. 

The day after her wedding, my only brother left to Camp Pendleton in California. We miss him already but we are so thankful for his selfness to serve this great country! I hope he has a smooth transition and enjoys his job. 

This past weekend was my big’s wedding. She was STUNNING! I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing some of her love story. She met her husband, JJ about ten years and got engaged in 2012. Life happened and almost five years later, they got married! I am so happy for her and her husband. Everything was so beautiful. The wedding venue was Noah’s Event Center in Fairview about an hour Northeast of Fort Worth.

Thanks for spending this lovely Monday with me!

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