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Greetings from Peru!!
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I love so many things but traveling is definitely at the top of my list!

I arrived on Saturday and I am having a great time so far. This is my first time in Peru and South America ever! I am so tired even though there wasn’t a time difference. Maybe the high elevation?
I have been wanting to go somewhere different for some time now. I mentioned it in this post here as one of my goals. 

Someone asked me not too long ago, why I liked traveling so much. I don't just like traveling I love traveling. I can't really explain what is it that I love so much about it, but I know that something calls me to go out there and see this world that our God created.  Something that tells me to get on a plane. Something that tells me that saving for a trip is so worth it. Something that says to where were other people lived and made beautiful monuments and buildings. Something that says explore. Something that says nights with no or little sleep are worth it.  Something that says that God created amazing things to be seen in person. Something calls me. 

When I say I love to travel I mean I love it all from missing a flight, to packing, to planning the trip, to finding great deals, to accidently walking into the rough parts of town, to having people beg you for money, to forgetting to buy souvenirs, to trying not so great food….. I love it all. Even when my expectations of a place aren’t exactly met. I love it all. I love it so much because I know it is a privilege to experience of visiting another corner of this world.

According to Hans Christian, to travel is to live. 
And I'm going to live as much as I can!

I will have a post on Peru along with many tips soon! For now, good night!! Feel free to share this with your travel buddies or other friends that love to travel!

With lots of love, Ana 

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