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2:21 PM

I want to invite you to join me on my fitness journey. After going to Destin for a few days with my family and looking at my old photos at the beach, I want to be 2013 Ana or at least 2014 Ana. Haha. Does that make sense? But honestly, I haven't worked out in months and I eat somewhat healthy for a few days and go back to bad habits.

I want something that will keep me accountable, keep track of my progress, get encouragement, and get some tips from other people on a fitness journey. I hope to use my blog as a medium to accomplish my goals and share this journey with you. In addition to using this blog, I signed up with It Works. I have been thinking for more than a year of joining It Works. I used their wraps and LOVED them! I finally took a chance and joined. I am so excited to join a group of hardworking, motivated, and positive people from all over the US. I have used their wraps so I KNOW they work! I can't wait to try their other amazing products.

The past three weeks I have been eating right and working out at Camp Gladiator but I have not seen the results I wanted so I really wanted to try something else.

I am going to take the 90 day challenge! I just ordered three products ::
1. Greens On the Go to alkalize, balance, and detoxify
2. Ultimate Thermofit to increase my metabolism
3. Fat Fighters- Absorb the fat and carbs so my body doesn't

Listen, I know this probably sounds like an ad BUT it's not. I have not personally tried ANY of the three products above. But what I know the wraps are amazing plus what do I have to lose? I will document my progress here so please stay tuned. I will give you an honest review of these products. I will let you know if they worked for me or if they didn't. JOIN ME! Let's do this together! The faster you start on your fitness journey, the closer you are to your fitness goals!
You can shop for ItWorks products at

I also ordered Hair, Skin, and Nails. I am so excited! I regret cutting my hair over a year ago. It has been a STRUGGLE to get it to grow. It has grown maybe an inch every six months. I use extensions but I really wish I didn't have to!

I am going to go out on a limb and going to give you some of my updates. Yikes! Talk about accountability, right?! I'm not sure how often I will post my progress. I really can't wait to accomplish my goals and share my results with you! The three most important parts of this journey will be to continue to learn how to find contentment in how I look regardless if I get back to 2013 Ana or if I don't. Secondly, to preserver and third, share an authentic and honest journey with you!

I am asking you to join me on my fitness journey! Let me know how you're doing, what you're doing, and how it's going! I love seeing transformation pictures. I will have an It Works Launch party soon and you're invited!

Thank you so much for takin the time to read this! I hope you come back to see my progress and updates! Please send and share with anyone who is also wants to start their own fitness journey! Again, thank you for reading - it means more to me than you think! Outfit details below.

 Jacket :: Shopbop

Shirt :: Forever 21 (old)

Jeans :: Rag & Bone
These jeans are currently on SALE !!!! For 70% OFF!!

Shoes :: Stuart Weitzman

Bag :: Anthropologie

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