7 Habits of Very Stylish People

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7 Habits of Very Stylish People
Look I by no means think I’m very stylish but since I have started blogging I have noticed some similarities and patterns of very stylish people and fellow bloggers. I am including examples for each habit. 

1.     They know the occasion of the event and dress accordingly.
Very stylish people know WHEN to wear a simple black dress, a flowy maxi dress, a little black dress, and a unique black dress. While less stylish people can put together a great outfit, they don’t always wear it to the appropriate occasion. Just because it looks good doesn't mean it is the best option for every event. 
Example :: Julia from Gal Meets Glam

2.     They know their body types
Stylish people know how to dress for their bodies. They know how to flatter their least favorite parts and how to accentuate their favorite parts. No matter if someone is a size 00, size 6, or size 18, we all have clothes that make us feel great and others that don’t.
Example :: Megan Kristin from Megan Kristine Blog

3.     They are confident
I really believe that confidence is the best thing you can wear. It doesn’t matter what you wear but if you are confident in your own skin then it shows. If stylish people miss #1 on this list they make it up in confidence.
Example :: Kelly from The Style Barn 

4.     They developed their personal style
I think that Forever 21 is the perfect example to illustrate this point. The different styles are so evident in Forever 21. You have a minimalist and neutral area with body suits, embellished dresses, and solid color clothes. Then there is the Coachella area with flowers, all colors of the rainbow, and hippie vibes galore. Then you have an area of grudge inspired clothing. Last but not least is the fast fashion area that has many clothes inspired by high fashion designers and celebrities. Stylish people have developed a good sense of personal style so their closet looks like one section of Forever 21 instead of all the sections combined.
Example :: Blaire from Atlantic Pacific

5.     They buy BETTER not more
When you have a good sense of personal style, you know the kinds of clothes you like and this helps save money because you are buying things you will actually wear. Second the things in your closet can be worn in multiple ways. Third, your accessories perfect for not just a few of your outfits but most of them!
Example :: My friend - Emily Jones!

6.     They are creative
Stylish people are so creative that you are amazed at how they thought of combining a fun accessory or certain colors together.
Example :: Sam from Style of Sam 

7.     They don’t forget about accessories

Stylish people have the best arm candy and can add an epic touch to their outfits with a handbag or a pair of earrings. I once heard that accessories complete an outfit and I do believe that! I would I could tell you how many times I forgot accessories when I go out or do a blog shoot. It’s so annoying!
Example :: Katey from COF

Outfit details below.

I absolutely love this shirt!!!! I love the color, the print, the zebras, and the fact that it's unique because it is PJ style. These Mother jeans are amazing!! And I am wearing my Weitzman heels of course. 
Shirt :: J. Crew

Jeans :: Mother Denim

Shoes :: Stuart Weitzman

Sunglasses:: Marc Jacobs

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