White on White

7:53 PM

Have you heard the White after Memorial Day rule? Well, forget it. Haha

I almost wore this look to the diversity shoot but changed my mind last minute because of the blue stripes. I sort of regret not wearing it to the diversity shoot but it’s ok. We shot this look literately the day after the diversity shoot. I couldn’t wait.

I love this look for a summer day – maybe for a date or lunch with friends or a graduation. It is wedding and graduation season after all. I am wearing a white cami and my Birkin.

Jacket :: Joie

Shorts :: Joie 

Cami :: ASOS

Bag :: Hermes

I am currently so obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I love that show! I’m on the fourth season. Hannah is probably my favorite and Spencer is my second favorite. I love how honest Hannah is but she completely self-sabotages her life. It was so nice of her to visit Mona while she was at Radley. I was really sure of who A was so I was glued to the screen especially after finding out I was partially correct.

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