Summer Pastels

6:48 PM

Hey, friends!
Even though it's felt like summer for weeks in Texas, it's officially summer! Woohoo!
This shoot was before I got a good tan. I plan to share my tanning experiences soon!
However, it is still a great time to wear pastels.

Last week I did something a little crazy which is going to be either completely amazing or really scary. It will probably be both. I was working on it for a few months secretly – I didn’t tell anyone! I talked myself out of it so many times. I shared the idea with a friend and she encouraged me. A few days later, I put my plan into action. I know this all sounds crazy and honestly a little annoying – trust me I’m rolling my eyes, too – but I will share more on this at a later day!  

 Top :: ASOS

Jeans :: Old Navy

Shoes :: DSW

Clutch :: Louis Vuitton 

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