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Hey, babes! 
Welcome to a new series!!!
S is for Shopping
I am going to showcase some amazing shopping locations in the DFW. I will offer myself as tribute to check out different shops and give you the scoop! lol It will be shops selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, things for the home, etc.  I love to shop but honestly, it makes me nervous going somewhere for the first time especially if I have to drive far and end up not liking anything in the store. It can be frustrating so I will be doing that work for you! I have ideas in mind but if there is something specific you want to see, let me know!

The first shop is the Fort Worth Neiman Marcus. It is brand spanking new. It is so bright and amazing. They have a parking garage and valet service. The women's shoes, accessories like handbags, and makeup are downstairs. The women's high end and designer clothes are upstairs near the cafe. 

The dressing room that I was in was definitely premier and it reminded me of a bridal shop dressing room. The room is spacious, gorgeous, and the mirrors are incredible. I recommend this shop for a superb shopping experience. 

Ratings ::

Cute things :: 4 
(1- not liking to find anything, 2 - somewhat likely, 3- very likely, 4- definitely likely)

Spending :: $$$$
(1-$ , 2- $$, 3- $$$, 4 - $$$$)

Easy to find :: 3
It depends where you are coming from and Google maps was really confusing

Service :: 4
1- Ridiculous, 2- decent, 3- good, 4- exceptional
Ask for Darlene. She is incredible! She will work with you as your personal stylist. 

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