Friday Favorites

9:04 AM

I wanted to share five of my Friday Favorites!
Outfit details below.

Favorite drinks ::
1. Half & half Arabic coffee – I love this in the mornings. I don’t like too much caffeine so this is perfect for me. It does give me an extra perk and slight hyperness in the morning.

2. I love Teavana’s peach tranquility. I love tea and this is my favorite from Starbucks. I love the smell – it’s so relaxing. I suggest asking for two bags with a tall amount of water in a venti cup. This way you can open the lid without burning yourself, add your sweetener, stir, and add some room temperature water.

3. My summer drink is a combination of ice water, lemon, and stevia. This drink is a life changer.

Favorite reads::
4. I love this guide by Sam. She mixes high and low pieces in her wardrobe like a pro. She also dresses so chic while making it look so easy!

5. Get Katey’s flawless tan. I could have sworn that she was naturally this beautiful tan color until I read her blog!

Hat :: Zumiez

Shirt :: Beehive

Shoes :: Urban Outfitters

Bracelet :: Hermes

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