Damsel's in Denim's Guide to Netflix

11:35 AM

I don’t have cable but honestly who needs it when you have Netflix? Ok, besides the people who love sports. There is nothing better than a series with several seasons already available for streaming. I will warn you that these series are highly addictive. Get your couch, blanket, and snacks ready. Summer is a perfect time to start a new series!

Once Upon a Time – This series is based on the stories we grew up watching. It follows the story of Swan trying to make sense of the two worlds clashing together. The world we know and the world of fantasies. I love this series so much!

Gossip Girl – I don’t think this needs an explanation. I didn’t believe all the hype until my sister started watching it. I got hooked. It’s about an elite group of Upper Eastsiders and their adventures while an anonymous person exploits them. Not only is this series’ storyline addicting but you get to see NYC at it’s finest. I mean this series could be a love letter to NYC.

Grey’s Anatomy – Get ready to sob your eyes out. This series is about doctors and how life can be horrible, cruel, and beautiful. There are so many real life issues brought up throughout the series.

Fuller House – If you know me then you know how much I love Full House. I grew up watching Fuller House. This is probably where I developed an obsession for San Francisco. Fuller House is based on the three characters from the original series – DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. It’s so cute and funny. I love watching this with Ash.

Pretty Little Liars – I am addicted to this show. It’s about four girls who are stalked and cyber bullied by an anonymous person. It is seriously so good! It has mystery, romance, and suspense.

Outfit details::

Shirt :: Anthropologie

Jeans :: Old with a DIY cut 

Shoes :: Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Bag :: Chanel Boy 

Sunglasses :: ASOS

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