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Congratulations, graduates!
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I want to congratulate everyone who graduated! I love this off shoulder purple gingham oversized top because I think it would be perfect for a TCU football game or baseball game. Go Frogs! I am paired it with my black skinny jeans. I felt like I needed to even out the proportions. The shirt was already too big to wear slouchy jeans. I bought these jeans last year at Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. They were such a good buy! I'll keep you updated on the best pieces from the sale. 

I thought I would share some advice with recent high school graduates. Keep an open mind when you read this and thank me later ;)
I don't intend on pretending that I am some college academic advisor or a dean of a college.
This is some of the best advice I have received about college ::

The best part of college is that no one tells you what to do. The worst part of college is that no one tells you what to do.
Independence is a beautiful, nasty, and expensive thing. Really expensive sometimes. Sure it feels great to leave home but in my case, that meant that I now had to pay for all my expenses. I remember paying close to $600 for my books and realizing that I had never paid this much at the register this expensive like ever. I outfitted my entire dorm and paid the few thousand dollars my scholarships did not cover. When my laptop stopped working unexpectedly I had to cough up the money for a new one. 

It’s not the grades you make but the hands you shake.
Make friends, make connections, and stay in touch. College is the best time to make friends. This is so important for a good college experience. Being away from home while navigating the hectic and stressful adult world is easier with friends. Mature upper classmen give the best advice because they have been there. They know which classes to take and which to avoid. They know the inside scoop on your university clubs and organizations. 

If you can finish your first semester, you can do just about anything. 

My first RA (residential assistant) said that and I wanted to cry thinking are you sure? Haha. She was right. Trust me on that. Nothing is out of reach. Yes, college can be difficult but it can be done. College is fun so enjoy every minute because one day, you will be done and you will miss those days. 

If you found this helpful - please feel free to share it!
Let me know if you think of other good advice about college. 

Outfit details ::

Top :: MLM

Jeans :: Topshop

Shoes :: Stuart Weitzman in patent black

Bag :: Chanel Classic Flap

Earrings :: Baublebar

Thanks for spending your Tuesday with me!

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