Weekend Recap :: April 29

8:21 AM

On Saturday, I joined my mom and sister who were going to a friend's baby shower. My mom made a fruit baby basket for the new mom. She was so proud of her fruit baby! She saw me take some pictures of the decorations and asked in a jealous way if I had already taken a picture of her creation. 
The decorations and theme were precious - baby Jedi! After the baby shower, I know without a doubt that my mom has baby fever. If she only knew. I on the other hand left the party exhausted. 
Can you guess which shoes are my sister's, mom's, and mine?
Work and life have been so stressful and draining that I wanted to rest this weekend before Monday. I wish I was exaggerating when I say that the last few Mondays have been absolutely terrible. I will not complain though I will be grateful because in this very tough time, my time with God has been so sweet. In this past month, I have thought, can it get worse than this? And in some ways it did get worse which made me realize, it CAN get worse - so no complaining. I have been so blessed by the body of believers around me to pray for me during this time. 

I hope that when this is all over I can share with you my story. For now, please pray for wisdom, discernment, and that God would live through me to do the things He's asked me to do. 

Sunday was wonderful with brunch at one of my mom's favorite spots. 
Thank you so much for reading!

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