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Tuesday Travel Talk
On my last few trips I wondered what I should share, how much I should share, and where I would share. When I went to New York City, DC, and Europe I know I shared a lot on my Snapchat. Afterwards, I wondered if I shared too much especially since I wrote a few blog posts about the trip. Since that trip, I was more intentional on what I shared on my Snapchat. Now that other social media apps have a temporary story feature, I continue wondering how to approach sharing my trips. What do you think?

Honestly, I see both viewpoints. From sharing almost every aspect to not sharing anything. I know that when my friends or people I follow on social media are traveling somewhere that I want to go to one day, I love seeing their feed. Sometimes, I will even request more pictures. Then there are times, I honestly skip stories. I think that most of the stories I skip are from places I have already been to.

How do you decide how much to share? How do you decide what to share as a blogger? Let me know what you think!

For me, I like to share things I want people to hopefully get excited to read about like when I was in Iceland, I shared a video of the Blue Lagoon. I also like sharing things it would be difficult to share like a video of my hotel room. Lately I love sharing funny random things I find on my travels. When I was in NYC, I had a phone in toilet room. I call it a toilet room because it had it’s own door.

I wanted to share these amazing photos from a collaboration with Angie Garcia and amazing bloggers from the DFW.

Thank you so much for reading!

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