Happy Cinco de Mayo!

6:14 PM

How about a culturally appropriate Cinco de Mayo outfit?
 Business in the front
Party in the back

I love the colorful embroidery on the sleeves and the tassels in the back. I usually don’t wear something this colorful but it IS Cinco de Mayo AND the rest of the shirt has grey stripes.  

What do you think about the jeans? They are flare crop with some frayed hems. I thought they added a balance to the fun shirt. I almost didn’t get this shirt because I couldn’t think of something to wear it with. 

Shirt :: Anthropologie 

Jeans :: Mother  (similar here)

Shoes:: DSW

 I am giving away a $100 gift card to DSW!! All the details on my Instagram @30dreamsto30

I need to start working out. My jeans do not fit. I have this bad habit of not working out until someone makes a rude comment about my weight. Then their rude comment motivates me to work out. Surprisingly, no one has made a rude comment to my face.

Do you have any quick breakfast ideas? Like something I can make the day before and eat it on my way to work? Coffee and a pastry have been my breakfast meals for too long and now they are my worst enemy. It’s not healthy or helping my whole jeans situation.

Cinco de Mayo Specials ::

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