10 Signs that you LOVE to Travel

4:19 PM

1. You have foreign currency in your wallet.
Pesos, Pounds, Euros, Kronas ..... you name it! I love keeping foreign currency as a souvenir sometimes done intentionally but not always lol. I think it's funny to ask cashiers if they accept Kronas, my husband doesn't find it that funny. 
2. You have identified a dependable agency to take care of your dog.
All American in Big Town Burleson is my favorite and I think Jackson loves them too! They give you access to video surveillance, offer grooming on site, and superb customer service. The owner recognizes Jackson when we drop him off. 

3. You plan fake trips for fun.
Or is that just me? I have itineraries to cities without actually buying flight tickets. Let me know if you need help planning a trip because I have probably already planned it lol.

4. Your phone's storage is completely full of travel photos. 
5. You are proud of the stamps on your passport.
Guilty as charged. 

6. Your Facebook friends ask if you have a daytime job.
I've had co-workers say, "I didn't think you still worked here" or "Hey! Nice of you to stop in!" 

7. You annoy your friends with all of your travel talk. 
That reminds me of the time in Paris .....
I had the best tacos in San Francisco ............
I can't eat Olive Garden after I went to Italy ............

8. You ask for a trip for your birthday/anniversary/Christmas/graduation gift. 
Priorities, right?

9. You have a travel blog.

10. You know exactly how long it takes to the airport.
You know exactly where to park. You know which airlines are at which terminals. You know which restaurants are at each terminal. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Please share with your travel buddies!

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