Weekend Recap :: April 8

9:25 AM

I thought my weekend was going to be cloudy without my little ray of sunshine. He is one of the few people that can cheer me up and after this past week, I needed a cheer up (post here). I’m so glad his mom called me and let me pick him up. The first thing he said was “Can we go visit America?” lol. We went to visit her two weekends ago (post here).

Saturdays are for barbecue, right? When Alex got off work, we went to eat Barbecue. Then Alex showed Asher how to skate. It was so fun to watch them both. Asher really liked skating. 
On Sunday, we visited my parents’ house. My mom has puppies and Asher picked one that he really wanted to keep. After sending his mom a video, she said no. He named the puppy, “Piggy”. He took care of her and it melted my heart. He was so ready to take her home despite his mom. I will post pictures of the puppies we will give away.

I went with my friend, Alejandro to see Ariana Grande in concert! I’m slightly obsessed with her right now. To be honest, I saw her perform live on TV years ago and I thought she wouldn’t have a good show but she did! We ended the night with tacos!

Thank you so much for reading!

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