Weekend Recap :: April 1

1:14 PM

This Saturday was our dating anniversary. It’s been a fun, crazy, and awesome nine years. We spent the weekend caring and loving each other. Nothing fancy or over the top.
On Saturday morning, Alex and I took Angie Garcia’s location suggested and took some photos at the Design District in Dallas. As soon as she said, “neutrals” I was in. It definitely did not disappoint!! She was so right when she said that the possibilities are endless.

Afterwards, I did a little bit of shopping at my favorite mall in Dallas possibly the US – Northpark. It’s like fine shopping in an art museum. You have to go if you’re visiting Dallas. As soon as we were headed to dinner, our car had a flat. It was 8:00 on a Saturday night. GREAT. I used Yelp to find a tire shop still open. Hamm’s was the best! They don’t close until midnight and they were so fast.

Alex knows I love barbeque so he picked this amazing barbeque spot called Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum. He didn’t know it was in Deep Ellum so when we drove there it was a very pleasant surprise! Murals, hip shops,  and live music everywhere Pecan Lodge was delicious. Try their sausage and their rolls! I have to warn you that the line can be ridiculous. I think we waited close to an hour.

I was so tired on Sunday. It was a no-make up / what am I wearing / what’s wrong with my hair kind of day. After church, we took my mom out for her birthday. I got to go watch Beauty and the Beast!! I’ve been wanting to watch it for some time now. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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