How I save money on flights

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On this lovely Travel Tuesday, I want to share some ways I save money on flights. The cost of flights can sometimes be crazy! 
1.     Time is EVERTYHING. The season, weather, and/or holidays are a huge factor.
Airline tickets cost more during the popular seasons like summer. For resorts in the Caribbean, the popular seasons are from November to February because tourists like to enjoy a warm vacation. Without knowing it, we went to our Caribbean honeymoon during a low season. It was a low season because it was during their hurricane season.

2.     Use an airline credit card.
I have two airline credit cards that allow me to travel for free or at an unbeatable low price. The first credit card is with United Airlines which gave me enough points for two domestic flights or one international flight. I also get one free checked bag. I have gotten upgrades for ridiculously low prices. You can do the same! Give me your email address and I can send you an invitation.

3.     Use discount sites like Expedia, Groupon and Travelocity.
We used Groupon to save a lot of money when we traveled to Iceland. Every time I tell people about Groupon travel ideas, they tell me that they questioned the legitimacy of the Groupon deals. Groupon travel packages offer good deals. I’ve seen airline and hotel packages to Asia and Europe for under $1000! However, those deals are during the low travel seasons.

4.     Keep in mind the time of departure.
Alex and I got some good deals years ago when we chose flights that departed at 6 am or arrived late at night. We chose a flight that departed at 6 am to save money but we ended up really enjoyed having so all day to

5.     Use sites that provide updates on flight prices.

If I think I will get a flight for a better rate then I use Skyscanner Price Alerts. It alerts me when the airline ticket price changes. 
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