5 Things You Should Know About Iceland

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Iceland was incredible but I wish I had known these five things before going!
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1.     Take Highway 1 in the winter time
On our first day in Iceland, we rented a car to see the Golden Circle. I used my maps app on my phone to get directions. Highway 36 would save us about 15 minutes so I chose that route. Keep in mind that this was in March. Highway 36 was completely filled with snow. There were white mountains everywhere and only a few cars on the road. We were only in Iceland for a few hours and most of those hours were spent in line at the car rental office. We were a little nervous about the road conditions but we decided to follow the small car in front of us. 
The scenery was incredible. I thought, "Did we fall off the road and end up in Heaven?" I tried to take in the beautiful landscape while being scared of the heavy snow and strong wind around us. Thankfully, Alex was driving. Once the red car in front of us turned around, we decided we should also turn around and try Highway 1. 
Highway 1 was the complete opposite. The roads were clear of snow, the landscape was green with some snow, and the road had several cars.  
 As you can probably tell, it was cold.
2.     Reykjavik Excursions
We chose to go to the Blue Lagoon on the last day to relax before our flight home. We used Reykjavik Excursions to get us to the Blue Lagoon and to the airport. We had a reservation at 11 am for the Blue Lagoon and we were instructed to be ready at our hotel lobby an hour before our reservation. Our only other Icelandic excursion tour picked us up at our hotel and took us directly on our tour. Reykjavik Excursions does pick up guests at the hotels BUT then takes them to a transfer location. From there the guests take another specific excursion bus to the actual location in our case it was the Blue Lagoon. I recommend getting on the first transfer bus at least two hours before your reservation. We did not make it to our 11 am reservation. Thankfully, the Blue Lagoon allowed us to enter up to an hour past our reservation time. We also had premium tickets so we were in a much smaller line which also helped us make it to our time slot. 

3.     Taxis are expensive
We rented a car for only one day so we needed to return the car the same day. I looked  up how long it would take from the car rental place to our hotel. It was an approximate 7 minutes. We figured that the taxi fare would not cost very much. We were wrong. It cost about 30 dollars. However, it's cold outside so you gotta do what you gotta do. For dinner on our first night, we were thankfully located near downtown which has a ton of restaurants and shops. 

4.     Vatnajokull Glacier
We used Artic Adventures to take us to the Vatnajokull Glacier. I was so excited to see an ice cave. We hiked to the ice cave and it was a beautiful hike. Our tour guide was very sweet, knowledgeable, and helpful. She helped us put our crampons on so we could walk on snow and ice.  Honestly, this cave was not very large at all. The hike and views at the top were more enjoyable than the actual cave. I recommend going to Langjokull for a much larger ice cave.  
5.     Horses
The Icelandic horses are so friendly! I thought I would have to bring food to attract the horses. I walked up to a fence and I was happily surprised to see that the horses approached me.
Here I am pretending to feed an Icelandic horse. 

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