10 Signs You’re Approaching Your 30’s

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10 Signs You’re Approaching Your 30’s
I can’t believe I am approaching my 30’s. But lately, I've realizing that I am getting older. Like last week, I was so excited for summer candles and zucchini spirals! I really don’t think I would have worn this outfit in my early 20’s. I love the length and size of this skirt with my white tweed jacket. Outfit details are below. I knew I wanted to enjoy some tea at the Champagne bar while we stayed at the Plaza Hotel. Post here

1.    You love having candles for every season
Fall leaves and pumpkin for autumn,  candy cane and pine trees for winter, honeysuckle and gardenia for spring, and something sweet for summer.

2.    You realize that you would kill to be as “fat” as you were the first time you thought you were fat
Seriously. I look back at pictures and I am in awe of what I looked like when I thought I was fat.

3.    You look forward to a quiet Friday night.
Especially after a crazy week at work.

4.    You get excited about making zucchini spirals.
I’m not the only one, right? Ok, maybe.

5.    The best present your husband can get you is cleaning the house.
Laundry done, folded, put away, sink empty, dishes washed and put away, everything is put away, house swept, and the smell of pine sol. This is my happy place. Besides San Francisco.

6.    Staying up past midnight is not happening
I have the hardest time doing this. I usually have to nap if I want to stay up late.

7.    Your favorite childhood memory is not paying bills
Right?! When you could spend your paycheck on what you actually wanted. . . . . . those were the days.

8.    5 inch stilettos are a thing of the past
At least not longer than half an hour. Unless you want to commit shoeicide.

9.    Coffee makes up a fourth of your daily diet
I don’t leave the house without at least a cup coffee. On other days, two cups.

10.                  Your mom is your ride or die

What do you think of my list? Should I add anything? 

Please share && thanks for reading!

Tweed Jacket :: White House Black Market

Top :: ASOS

Skirt :: ASOS

Shoes :: Valentino

Clutch :: Amazon

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